A Independent documentary that promises to expose the cultural history of Texas’ indigenous people that has secretly survived the brutal occupation of Spaniards. A window into the hearts and minds of Indigenous people of Texas. Though many tribes have been annihilated due to the historic colonization, many still practice their spiritual ceremonies. Passing on traditions through oral stories; educating the younger generations about their family’s rich history.  Keep the Fire Lit will dive deep into this fascinating society with interviews from the people of these descendants. Connecting the dots of the social, political, and environmental implication of a lost identity re-emerging.

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Unfortunately, the victors of colonization have altered the true history befallen the natives of Texas. The majority of which will never be fully understood. But, by making this film we can say to them we want to remember! We will NOT forget! We will Keep the Fire Lit!



With the guidance of expert historians and tribal leaders, we will be conducting interviews all over Texas. We feel the most accurate depiction of past events will unfold.

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We also plan to visit 13 sacred sites in Texas and conduct  25 personal interviews. These interviews will include people from civil rights lawyers, cultural artisans, tribal spiritual leaders, peyote roadmen, traditional dancers, and environmental activist. Through their own words and personal family stories we can begin to put together a broader picture.

We will be filming how traditional meals are made and used, even hundreds of years after the destruction of the Spanish missions. With permission we are allowed to film sacred rites such as peyote ceremonies, coming of age, sweat lodges, and many more. We will learn of the Blue Deer Women, the Talking Hand, and other ancient history still alive through oral stories.
The sheer amount of information being brought to the table is massive.



Currently we have  filmed  %15 of the  film conducting interviews In San Antonio area, Dallas, Floresville, San Marcos, Austin Texas. Still we are just scratching the surface of this in-depth documentary. Capturing the  wild life , the  land  and  people of  this  land in some of the  most   breath taking filming to every come  to the  screen. Spirit  made flesh coming alive in the old stories  so the people may live again.










Hitting the Pow Wow Trail! Though this is a Texas born film, we feel that Keep the Fire Lit has a global audience. Anyone with a thirst for the truth should watch this film.