Bandera Texas  Pow Wow  Sept 2-4

Bandera is Incredible Beautiful Hill Country that was once heavily populated with Native peoples .  We came here to talk to Richard Gonzales  Vice President of the Lipan Apaches of Texas. Richard has  spent  his whole life putting back together the  pieces of his own personal family history.  With many stories ending very terrifying and  tragic ways.  Listening to  his own families personal stories of Genocide cant help but bring tears to your eyes.  Apache was  dirty word given to his people their own name for themselves was N’dee.


Richard also shared with us past traditional meals and  ways of preparing food  and setting up a  Tipi.



We want to give a  special thanks to Lenny Medina for letting us film and  doing a get Job of  Hosting the  Pow Wow in Bandera Texas.  Lenny Medina  share with us some of his background as well. Thank Lenny!






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