Sept 2

In Dallas Texas In Front of Trans Energy  filmed and  watched as  American Indian Movement  of Central Texas protested outside of  Oil & Gas GIANT who owns Dakota  Access Pipeline as  well as  Trans Pecos Pipeline.

Water Is Life  the Protesters Chanted !!!





Interviewing AIM Leader  Frankie Orona we learn example after example of how Texas Natives are show little  to no respect here in the Great State of Texas.


Watching Texas Native people fight Big Oil to Protect Our water. A very humbling and  beautiful experience.


Bryan Parras  there  to answer Our  Questions and  give us some insight on the  Environmental impact of these pipelines in Texas.  Trans Peco Pipeline going straight through  Our National park Big Bend. With  hundreds of archaeological dig sites  of past Native  People who lived here over 10,000 years  ago.



Thank you  to everyone who showed up In Solidarity of  Standing Rock ND.



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